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I just want to thank everyone in advance, the community has helped my take care of my Betta the best I can.

My Betta Chip has this white growth that looks like a large scale on his side. At first I thought it was just a large scale, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. To me it looks like a large, white scale. He is not lethargic, eats normally, and is perfectly active. That's why I am not that conserned. I'm not sure when it first appeared, the earliest picture I have of it is when it was really small in February. The latest picture is of today (May 14).

Chip is almost 3. He is a male. He lives in a filtered and heated ten gallon, around 78-79F with a few albino corydoras. I only have testing strips so I am not sure if they are completely accurate, but everything the meaurements looks completely normal. I do a 50-75% water change once a week with a gravel vacuum (even though I have sand because of the corydoras.) There are no plants. The tank is 100% cycled and I've never had any disease in my tank.

Any help will be usefull. Thanks!


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