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Please Help

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I have a female in my sorority that is acting strangely but looks completely normal. She rests a lot and can't seem to swim for too long. She acts as if she can't hold her own weight up and she hides/rests in plants. Until a few days ago I hadn't seen her show any interest in the plants.

I just got through with a 10 day salt treatment for ick(on another girl). The ick is gone and all the other fish are fine.

She has been acting like this for maybe two days.

She is in a 10g filtered tank that stays around 78 degrees. I don't have a test kit to test my water. I use water that I age for 2 days. My water changes are normally 50% once a week but lately has been every day 100% to treat for ick. The last water change was done today with no salt in the water.
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A little over a month.
Now I noticed that a second girl is looking very thin and has some kind of clear thing hanging from her side behind her pectoral fin. I cant get a decent picture of it. she also has some black stuff like growing out of her gills. I don't know whats wrong. I have taken them both out of the tank and am floating them in their cups from the store. I don't know what to do for them though! Can someone help?
Thank you
I bought API General Cure Anti-Parasitic Fish Medication. Is this good? My LFS didn't have much in the way of fish meds. I can make a trip out to Petco and get something else tomorrow if I need to.

Also I tested my water and my ammonia and nitrite levels are both low and should not be harming my fish. I was doing water changes every day for 10 days as part of the ick treatment so I don't think its the water.
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