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Please meet my newest Betta...Blurp

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Starting a 10g sorority it is for my sisters room, but I am the caretaker. Basically she gets to enjoy the fish while I do the work and manage to add more Bettas. It works lol so this is the first girl honestly I am surprised my sister picked her she is 15 by the way. Because she loves pink and really bright colors, but she saw this girl and I swore it was love at first site with her. She loved all the blue colored girls and had trouble picking, but she had been eyeing this one the whole time. There was also a beautiful white delta, but I didn't have a second spare heater otherwise we would have scooped him up and snuck him home telling our mom only about the female lol so anyways here is Blurp

I am really exited to see what she looks like when we get her into warm and clean water. I can see bits of red, green, blue and my sister thinks some violet, so we shall see!

Her temporary home

And her future home to share with 4 sisters the castle and flower from above tank will be going in here and we are getting 6 or so more plants for that empty corner. I don't like pink but I love this tank and I think it suits my sister great. It looks a lot better in real life to.
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Very pretty girl! That tank is so pink :shock:
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