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Pop eye?

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Hi, I have a betta that I keep in a 5 gallon tank with a water filter and a heater. He has a black bubble on his eye? I'm not sure exactly what it could be.

I just got done treating him for what I thought was fin rot and I put him back in his 5 gallon tank (He was in a 1 gallon with aquarium salt to treat the fin rot.) Before I put him back in, I did a thorough cleaning of all of the rocks, plants, and glass objects I have in his tank (Ran them under hot water - didn't use any soap) And I did a 100% water change so as to decrease the chance of any more bacterial growth. I floated him in the water in a smaller container to adjust him to the temp, and everything before I put him back in.

I'm not sure what this new bubble could be.. it doesn't look like any of the pictures of pop eye I've seen on the internet, it just looks like he's got a bump on his eye, and looks completely normal colored from the side, not filmy or white like most betta's eyes do when they have pop eye.

I also didn't want to put him back in the aquarium salt to treat it because I JUST had him in it, and I know its not good to keep them in it for too much time.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Front view, you can see his left eye is much bigger while you can't even notice the right eye from the front.
Plant Grass Flower

Top view, you can see the eye looks like it has a "bubble" on it.
Organism Plant

Side view, his eye looks completely normal colored from the side.
Organism Butterfly Insect Plant Pollinator
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Sky Organism Cloud Fish Meteorological phenomenon

here is a better picture of his eye from the top view
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He appears to have a lesion on his eye cap.
Betta eyeballs are sealed with a cap that keeps them safe from debris and infection, but in his case he has either bashed it and caused a weak spot to bubble out or the internal pressure increased and caused it to pop slightly.
This is not the same as pop eye where the entire eye pushes out from the head and does not appear to be driven by infection however which is a good sign.

For now I recommend putting epsom salts in his water which will encourage him to pass any extra fluid and cleanse his organs out, the lesion should decrease when the pressure decreases and the cap solidifies properly again.

If the cap stays this way, he begins losing vision in that eye or he is trying to bash his head on things it may be a sign that there is an underlying reason for the damage.
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