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Hi, luckily, he doesn't look too bad (hopefully it hasn't gotten worse)

Can you get him into a hospital tank?
I would start with a fungus cure (Jungle's fungus eliminator) available at most pet stores. Follow the instructions on the box, but you'll need to do daily water changes on his tank. The water changes should help him take care of the underlying issues.
While I wouldn't start with it yet, keep an eye out for antibacterial medication that you can get (Kanaplex is highly recommended) but hold off until you see how he does. I don't like medicating fish when they can take care of the issue themselves.

Next you need to increase the maintenance on his tank.
You need to keep the temperature of the tank more stable in a narrower range. You want to aim for 78 - 82 degrees and keep the fluctuations to a minimum. Dropping to 72 degrees too long or frequently will compromise his immune system.
You also need to increase the water changes. For the long term, aim for 50% change at least once a week with a gravel vacuum. For the short term I would do deep clean of the tank with a gravel vacuum and 50% twice a week for a couple of weeks.
Unless you have especially bad water, there's no need to run it through the Brita first. I don't believe that Brita filters out the necessary minerals for them, but I haven't run through the charts for it. If you live in the US (this is why we like to see a location in your profile, we're not stalking you), regular tap water in most areas is safe for fish.
I would also make the change in his water conditioner to Seachem Prime. It deals with chlorine, chloramines and some of the contaminants in the water. It also helps neutralize any ammonia and nitrites for a short time.

Lower on the priority list, when you're buying new food for him, I'd get Omega One, New Life Spectrum or NorthFin pellets for him.

What is happening is his immune system has become stressed and compromised, he may have gotten a little bacterial infection and the fungus is attacking the dead tissue. Once you improve his water conditions and eliminate the fungus, he should be able to handle the rest himself.
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