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Possible Marble Gene???

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I just bought this new Betta about 2 weeks ago. When I first got him he was almost all white, now he has lots of dark blue spots. I have read a lot about how bettas can change color after coming home from the store. But to me he looks like maybe he could have the marable gene. Any input would be awesome. First pic is the day I got him. Second pic is 2 weeks later.
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Looks like a marble to me!!! I also unknowingly bought a marble fish at petsmart! It will be an adventure to see what colour your fish ends up as!!! I've had my fish less then a month and it already looks so different! The top one is the oldest picture and the bottom is the newest.
Yes he's a marble and a pretty one too :)
Yep, he's a marble! He's super gorgeous! Love the changing colors! I hope to get a marble one day!
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