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Hello, my betta Whiteboard has had a small but noticeable white patch or growth(?) on his left side for awhile now.

It was already present when I bought him from the store, but I had thought it was part of the ich which he also had. I treated him for ich and all the ich spots went away within few days but this patch remained. It is white (although it does not stand out much from the white-coloured fish himself) and is slightly raised up like a scab or scar or something similar that a human might have.

It has been slightly over a month now and the growth is still there. Even though Whiteboard is eating well, swimming upright (no swim bladder issues) and shows no gasping for air or clamped fins, he spends the majority of his time "glass surfing" left to right across the front glass of the tank (75l/20gal volume, 60cm/24in in length) and overall seems very fidgety.

Water parameters are normal at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5-10 nitrate, tank is decently planted, and Whiteboard lives with 8 little rasboras and 8 kuhli loaches, none of whom show any health problems other than once catching ich from Whiteboard himself.

How many gallons is your tank? 20gal
Does it have a filter? Yes
Does it have a heater? N/A, I live on a tropical island
What temperature is your tank? Ranges from 26-28C (78-82F) depending on the weather,
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? Yes, an air stone.
Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind? 8 harlequin rasboras and 8 kuhli loaches.

What food brand do you use? Three different varieties plus occasional live food.
Do you feed flakes or pellets? Both, alternatively.
Freeze-dried? No.
How often do you feed your Betta? How much? 3-4 pellets OR a small pinch of flakes OR one mealworm, once a day. Although he doesn't really seem to like mealworms so I will probably stop.

your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change? 20% change every Saturday and small 5-10% change midweek (I use the water to water some plants that grow in my house hence the weird schedule)
What percentage of water did you change?
What is the source of your water? Tap water + conditioner
Do you vacuum the substrate or just dip out water? Dip one week, vacuum on the other, and so on.
What additives do you use other than conditioner? What brand of conditioner? Only the conditioner called Stress Guard which is extremely popular here.

Water Parameters:
What are your water parameters? Please give exact numbers. If tested by pet store please get exact numbers. "Fine" or "Safe" won't help us help you. Important: Test your water before the regular water change; not after one.

Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 5-10ppm
pH: 6.8
Hardness (GH): 4
Alkalinity (KH): 8

Symptoms and Treatment:
When did you first notice the symptoms? Slightly over one month ago (end of Nov 2020)
How has your Betta’s appearance changed? No, other than the spot remaining there
How has your Betta’s behavior changed? No, in the sense that he was fidgety and nervous from day one.
Is your Betta still eating? Yes, normally
Have you started treating your Betta? If so, how? I treated him for ich some weeks ago but since then no.
Does your Betta have any history of being ill? Possibly, I took him home specifically because he looked quite poor thing at the store.
How long have you owned your Betta? Slightly more than a month.
Was he or she ill or suffering some sort of damage when purchased? Mild ich and this one patch.

I've attached some pictures which I hope are clear, and if they are un-viewable they are also (here).


whiteboard 01.png whiteboard 02.png whiteboard 03.png

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Can you please fill out this form? Also maybe @Veloran could help with some med advice. It looks to me like he has a lump on his head as well but I might be wrong about that.

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Can you please fill out this form? Also maybe @Veloran could help with some med advice. It looks to me like he has a lump on his head as well but I might be wrong about that.

Hello! I've edited the post to reflect the info, and yes you are right he does have a bump on his head, which is mysterious but doesn't seem harmful at the moment, although I am not entirely sure.
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