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Yesterday I noticed a rip in my poor guy's tail so I researched further, then I came across 'velvet' and I think he might have that too. NOTE: I've had him for about a month and a half, when I got him, his dorsal fin was already bent. (Probably due to the cramped conditions he previously lived in). He's a green/blue/white/black butterfly betta & his head is all black (it has always been black) BUT it has a metallic tint to it which makes me think it's velvet? I will include pictures if I can.

Food: Omega one pellets and blood-worms (alternating) 4-5 once a day
Water: All water levels are good, just had it tested at local fish store.
Conditioner: Betta bowl Plus
Tank: 2 gallon with Aquatop nano heater
Filtration: Currently NO filtration devices but I do a full water change weekly.
Tank decor: I don't have anything sharp in my tank, I have a betta log, silk plant, and betta hammock (with wire removed).

Clancy (my betta) is eating regularly, and swimming normal. He isn't clamping his fins or anything, so that's why I'm not sure if he has velvet. There is only one part on his tail that is ripped & I don't notice any other fraying or ripping on his fins. He makes bubble nests all the time, so I think he's happy, I'm just concerned that he may be sick! :cry: :cry:

Sorry for the poor picture quality...

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It's not velvet, velvet isn't actually metallic. Your fish has heavy iridescence which results in a stronger color on the scales is all. The rip is not a rip at all but he's biting his own fins. Often this occurs because there aren't enough plants in the tank! Take a look here:
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