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Possibly fin rot? Or nipping?

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Well. I've been watching Antonio lately, and his tail, which is pretty long for a HM, has been breaking at the end, and his once perky attitude seemed to diminish ever since I moved him to the Divided ten gallon. He just lays around and only moves towards the top for air. No signs of Ick or any decoloring.

I mean, he DOES, flare and does and little dance when he sees his reflection..Perhaps it's just him nippling on himself since his tail is too heavy? If so, medications that I can buy? Or a way I can help?

He's also eating normally when I feed him, he's just really..Lifeless these days..
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It may be that he is in a larger tank now- some bettas have a harder time adjusting to larger tanks. Make sure the filter is on the low setting, or baffled.. HMs have a tendency to bite their own fins if they feel too heavy and dragging on them. So make sure he is the farthest from the filter if possible, he has lots of plants and a cave to escape into if he is feeling insecure in the larger tank, and if he is still insecure about having a neighbor.

He may just need a bit more time to adjust- for now just make sure to keep up on the water changes weekly, keeping the water at the right temp and a fair amount of medium and tall plants and he should calm down in time. Tail biting can be tricky, and sometimes with a regular routine and less stress they stop, but sometimes they won't. Think of it like a nervous habit- us biting our fingernails. So as long as there isn't a reason he would be biting his fins, then there isn't anything more you can do.
I have a boy who a week after I got him I fixed up his tank (new ones tend to get minimal at first for me to make sure they are healthy, I can watch their waste, etc).. and when I gave him gravel and added plants.. he freaked out and bit off most of his fins. I ended up taking it all out and gave him what he had prior and he stopped biting completely and his fins are now growing back nicely. So sometimes a change can be unsettling for them after they adjusted to one home. Give him time, and if it gets worse he may just need to either go back into his old home, or he will learn to adapt and in a longer amount of time relax.

Make sure there are no pointy or prickly plants, or rough decorations to cause shredding of the fins.

Fin rot you will be seeing black/red edges that are crusty looking and flaking off..

There is no medication to stop them from biting their own fins- it's a habit or a nervous reaction to something.
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Ah alright. Well. The filter I had is Baffled, since the first time I noticed he was having trouble swimming. I'll try cleaning his water today, or possibly wait until I have my mother around to help, and do think it's his tail since he uses his front fins more than his actual tail, and possibly I'll rearrange his tank and get him a betta log he can retreat to, Thanks!
If he is tail biting, you should see chunks of fins missing, where as fin rot moves slower and more even usually with discoloration and tissue looks kinda rotty. You just need to make sure the water is super clean so that the bitten area do not become infected. I heard HMs have the tendency to tail bite due to its heavier finnage, there really isn't any medication that would keep them from doing it. I would suggest changing his decor more often so that he won't have time to think about how troublesome his fins are :) I just pray mine won't come to this stage, as I can see it does take more effort for them to swim compared to the VTs or CTs.

Good luck.

Thank you~ Well. He seems to still be doing the nipping, but the next time I do 50% tank cleaning, I move and stuff around and see what happens cX
Thanks again!
Well....I guess I spoke too soon! One of my HMs became a tail biter himself. *sigh*

Good luck with yours!
Aww! I hope he gets out of the habit as well as my Ant DX
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