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Presenting: Sharkfin

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A little more than two weeks ago, I believe, my quartet became a quintet with the addition of Sharkfin (a.k.a. Séamus).

For those who don't know, I rescued the little guy from work after he came in from the distributor in the same cup as a, from what I'm told, much larger male (who must have been relatively unscathed as I couldn't find him on the shelves). I was looking through to see what had come in and, at first glance, thought he was a female until I realized that his fins were tattered and "trimmed" as I call it: that's when I learned what had happened. (No worries, they were separated as soon as they were found.)

I set him aside, on the podium at work, and considered throughout my shift whether or not to buy him -- I ended up setting him in our filter room (doubles as the back room for pet care) so I could continue to consider whether or not to get him (I was told no more fish). I actually used that time figuring out what I would get as far as supplies went and bought him that Sunday.

Right now he's just in a one-gallon for easier water changes, but he's small enough that he seems really rather content.

He has got the biggest attitude though, and I love it! Flares like crazy at other Bettas, and his own reflection, and he even flared once at a pellet before he ate it. He's just a riot.

So, without further ado...I have several pictures I'll be putting up to show the progress his fins (and coloration) have made.

And the reason he's named Sharkfin:


And just one more because I really like this shot:

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He's pretty! :D His colouring is similar to my bettas. :)
Wow. he is a very Stunning. I have a crowntail male very similar to that one. and I love the design of the tank. you have great aquascaping skills.

PS. i have that exact tank and I love it, currently it is being used as a quarantine/hospital tank with a very stressed out male with fungus at the moment
I like Sharkfin and his name!!
Thank you all :-D I'll admit he's turning out to be much more gorgeous than I could have hoped -- already he's such a handsome little guy. I'm also excited to see if he does end up being a VT or what (I'm thinking so, and am expecting it, but at the same time, who knows?).

Mo: Thank you :) I certainly try when it comes to the aquascaping, haha. Can't wait to be able to set up my larger tanks and work more with live plants.

Also, I'm really loving this tank as well, and it seems perfect for a quarantine/hospital tank. Plus, really inexpensive, even the LED one that I decided to go with.

Hope your guy gets better soon!
live plants and larger tanks are great. I love planting my tanks. Hornwort, java moss, and anacharis are all great plants.

Thanks. Im treating him with x3 over dose of Quick Cure medication, heated water, and x3 over dose of aquarium salt. since this morning when he was extremely inactive, not eating, barely breathing, no movement, and laying on his side. he has made an out standing improvement. he is now slightly eating, making an improvement to swim, not laying on side as much, improved respiration.
I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at them -- I've been wanting to do at least one since before I bought Ezra way back in October/November but then ended up not having the funds or the time after a little while. Since then...the rest of life has ended up getting in the way, sadly.

Wow, that is awesome how far he's already come. With dosing like that, I can see why as well: something like that will really knock most fungus back quick. Is he a rescue then (since you included heated water)?

Not exactly related, but...found out the hard way at work that I'm allergic to Quick Cure (because of the formalin in it, I'm assuming). So now I have to be careful when our system is dosed otherwise I get killer contact dermatitis...
He is not a rescue. but was a betta that I previously had and had moved him from one tank to the next, since he is blind that was very stressful on him and he got a fungus. And by heated water I meant Just upped the temperature of the water a bit
Ah, gotcha. Poor guy, I can imagine a change like that would be stressful, yea. But at least he's improving. :)

I figured it was one of the two: either a rescue or else just a temp increase.
I snapped a couple of new pics yesterday and figured I would post them here for anyone interested in the boy's progress.

And today I grabbed this video of him going around his tank flaring: it really shows his fins rather well. It's on Flickr, so here's a link (because I...can't figure out how to embed it from that site and have it work):[email protected]/6991180444/

I have a new fin rot rescue that I picked up at work on Saturday as well (who already seems to be making some progress); still deciding whether to make him his own thread, or to post what pictures I've managed to snap of him here...
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What a feisty little guy! He's really looking great :)
Thank you, and isn't he? Haha, on both fronts?

I really love how fiesty he is.
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