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50 Cherry Shrimp for $50 shipped with moss and kordon bag. add $2 if you need heat pack.

Crypt Hudoroi $10 each, if you want multiples I can negotiate. If you feel real froggy I am willing to sell the whole mat at a wholesale price. Years of growth!

Bronze Crypts $2 each, also willing to make a wholesale price for the mats as well as deals for multiples. I have hundreds, years of growth! I have two different mats same crypt just different light so they have grown different.

Trying to get the fish room organized.

Shipping is $7-$10 (depending on size) USPS Priority. Heat pack is $2 if needed. I take the packages to a major hub in Indianapolis so they don't see the weather on my end and USPS had heated warehouses. PM me is best.
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