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I'm a new betta keeper and have gotten Gandalf, my betta, on a regular feeding schedule. I've had him for a week now and am curious about fasting. I've heard some pros, but haven't heard any cons from experienced betta keepers.

Can anyone list some Pros and Cons?

Also, how many keepers consider the post-fast pea day a natural part of fasting and does it need to be separated into two full days for a healthy fast?

Debates for frequency of fasting, weekly, monthly, is also appreciated.


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Well I honestly can't think of any Cons except maybe the Betta will be angry you didn't feed it one day? Haha I have no idea.

But here are some of my Pros:
  • Keeps the Betta from being Constipated
  • Also keeps from the usual Bloat from food (Bloat can be caused from other things though as well)
  • It seems more "natural" to me, if you think about it not all animals in the wild find food every day so it won't be as natural to feed them high quality foods everyday and not expect any health issues to arise. (Sure people could argue that keeping them in aquariums isn't "natural" either lol, just my view) :)

I never use the pea method more than once a month, I feel like it would just been too much laxative for each week. Also I'm not sure what you mean but seperating it into two full days? What I normally do is usually take Sunday morning and not feed them any pellets/flakes or whatever. Blanch the pea, cut it up real tiny and feed using a tooth pick, no more than their eye. And then they fast Monday and Tuesday and I do some water changes on Wednesday where they start with regular food again.

Although my case is slightly different in that I go back and forth between my mom and dads house so my fish are at my dads house, I spend Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning at my moms and the rest at my dads so I'm kind of forced to let them fast Monday and Tuesday at least. But I've never had any problems with Betta's getting skinny or anything.

Hopes this helps some :)
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