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QT questions!

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posted this thread in betta fish care section, lots of looks, no replies :-(

Wondered if moving it would get some sort of answers
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Thank you! Okay, yeah I have them in different qt tanks, poop looks to be normal for both since I have no gravel in either tank. The king's colors have REALLY popped since I first got him and he patrols his tank.

The delta was in a cup at petco so I'm not surprised he has inflamed gills since they don't really change the water much. I'll add AQ salt, his gills look like they are dark ? not really seeing red or anything like that.

Thank you for your condolence, I had him for a little over a year, poor guy randomly started to deteriorate over the last month or two, and then the pine coning. I tried EVERYTHING, put him in QT blablabla, oh well. Maybe he was older? you can never really tell. Anyways I'm keeping the delta in QT until he improves, the King I believe will be going into the community tank next weekend since he seems to be so healthy and active and eats like a pig.

I will keep updating the progress!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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