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QT questions!

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posted this thread in betta fish care section, lots of looks, no replies :-(

Wondered if moving it would get some sort of answers
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I'll just answer here. Don't feel like moving to the other Tab.
Okay, 1st of all, a Healthy Betta is a Happy Betta!!! The Healthy Signs are Active and Alert, No Visible External Parasites, the Poo isn't White, the Fins are Full, not Torn or Ripped, the Colors are Vibrant and Bright, that's all I know...
Bubblenests don't always mean Happy. That's the Real Deal.
Second, Inflamed Gills are mostly caused by a High Ammonia Content. What Color are the Gills, exactly? It depends. Anyways, just make sure that the Water is very clean and if it's Gill Disease you could treat it with Ampicillan and a little bit of Aquarium Salt. Sorry I can't help you with anything else...
And sorry for Triton. Dropsy is a Pain in the Neck isn't it? :'(
Sorry... :(
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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