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Hello, one of the girls in my hall got a female betta a few months ago and I just have a couple of female betta related questions from her that I just couldn't answer!(I only have a boy sooo >0>)

Question 1: Shes gotten much bigger since she got her but right now she is still extremely small, only around 2 -1/2 to 3 centimeters long including tail. Is this a normal size for a female betta?
Nope. She sounds very young. Chances are she'll carry on growing to about double that size. My bigger girls are all 2 inches or so. :)

Question 2: What about eggs and egg baring?
Females will frequently get eggy in the right conditions (warm water, good diet etc). They will either re-absorb the eggs or release them. If she can't do that, a female will become egg-bound, which is fatal, but don't worry: it is rare for that to happen.
If by egg baring you mean the breeding bars, they just mean she's ready for a mate (but by no means does she need one - don't try to breed bettas without a heck of a lot research beforehand). They are just pale vertical bars down across her sides.

Question 3: How many females can be kept in a tank: relational to size.
Ie: The whole inch thing but obviously you wouldnt put two females in a 5 gallon tank since you have to have more females than two otherwise things get hairy. So Ive read five females in a 10-20 gallon tank heavily planted?
In a sorority (and yes, 10 gallons is the minimum tank size), you need at least 5 females or you risk the social hierachy falling apart, which results in death. You could have up to 6 in a ten gallon, and up to ten in a 20 gallon without issues (well, as without issues as a sorority can be).
Do bear in mind that a sorority isn't a natural way for the girls to be kept, and some betta girls will never adjust to life with others. Others take to it fabulously.
You do indeed need the tank to be heavily planted. Hornwort is a great plant for that - it grows like a weed all over the place.

Thank you all for reading! I`ll post a picture since this little gal is just too cute!
Pictures soon! I love girl bettas. :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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