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So I'm thinking of getting another 10 gal tank so that way I can put Jasper (Male CT) and Jezebel ( Female CT) in one, with a divider of course. And Kristoph (Male HM) and a female HM in the other.

This got me thinking about amping up the 10gal I already have and how I should set up the new tank. Currently I have my tank on my desk next to my bed in front of my window.

( the blinks stay closed except for photos)

Well as you can see I don't have room for another tank there, so I'm fixin to get an aquarium stand. The one I found on is a 55 gal Manhattan metal tank stand ( Petco brand) and in the discription is says it can hold two 10 gals. I want to place them side by side against one of my bedroom walls. It has some great reviews and looks stable and would flow with my room theme. ( dark wood except my desk...) Plus its cheaper then buying two 10 gal Petco stands. I checked the measurements and two tanks will fit on top of this stand.

Q: Does anyone have this stand or similar and do you think it would be wise to place two 10 gal tanks on the top shelf next to each other?

Also this got me thinking about filters... Which currently I have a Hagen elite minni which is recommended for 3 gal tank.

Q: Its silent and does its job, but is it okay in a 10 gal?

I haven't had any problems and I do 25% water changes 1x weekly. It does however have a current that is a bit too strong for my boys so Its faced into the divider which seems to make it manageable. I was looking at under gravel filters but I haven't the slightest clue about them!

Q: Would you recommend under gravel filters for betta tanks? Or does anyone have them? As well as if you do use them are they low maintenance and easy enough to figure out for a novice?

If not I was looking at using a Tetra whisper in tank filter the 20i, but it doesn't have an air ration thingie. I know bettas are low oxygen fish because of the labyrinth organ but I would feel better knowing they have extra... lol.

Q: Any feed back on what/ which filters work the best for bettas and 10 gal tanks? ( with an internal air thing)

Lastly I have a cosmetic question... Petco has some awesome white gravel, but it has some pretty bad reviews about changing color.

Q: Any stories about white gravel or favorite brands for it?

Thanks for reading through my questions and any feed back is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks 1fish2fish.
I was afraid that was the case about the filter. :-/ (mine being too small) And I only saw the 3i and 20i on Petco website but now I'm going to look around at walmart and the actually petco stores. ( I have 3 near me)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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