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Quiet 5 gallon filter?

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So I need to know of a QUIET (preferably silent, but very quiet I can work with too) 5 gallon filter. I have a 2.5 tank with a tetra whisper filter and I honestly hate the thing because of how little it filter and it's stupidly loud for how small it is (the filter is supposedly only for tanks 1-3 gallons big). <-that's what I have now, really dissatisfied with it
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I have one of those Aqueon AT10 quietflow internal filters in a 5 gallon tank and as said above it is VERY quiet. I also rubber banded a piece of foam over the output because it was too strong for my betta.

I have an Azoo palm filter in another 5 gallon tank. It's not as quiet as the Aqueon and I was having a little trouble with noise from it but it seems to be doing okay now. You may need to fiddle with the cover a little to keep it from vibrating, and I think it also helps to keep the water level close enough to the output to cut down on loud water trickling noise.
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