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My friend is having a rainbow film issue. When the water level is at the required level for the filter it doesn't agitate the water surface to break it up. Here's some info.

Tank size: 5 gallon

Conditioner and additives: Tetra Aquasafe plus to condition and occassional Tetra water Clarifier for cloudiness

Occupants: 1 male betta

Food: Elive betta color granules
Omega One freeze dried blood worms on occasion

Use to feed: BettaMin flakes (Betta didn't care for flakes so she switched) and she had a snail but it died a while ago that she put algea wafers in for she said she removed it and its shell so I don't think that would be the cause.

Water Care: One gallon once a month or every two weeks if needed. Replenishes evaporation once a week.

I personally thought maybe a bubbler or air stone.

Also she really hates her brown algae issue. Shes worried though since her snail died like a week or two after getting it. She new to fish keeping so she thinks shes doing something wrong that killed it. She said it was pretty active but then it started floating randomly before it died. I think shes a bit scared to get another one.

What can she do to fix these two issues?

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What model filter does she use in the tank?
How old is the tank setup?
How long is the light on in the tank?
Does she test the water parameters and if so, what are the results?

First thing is she needs to up the water change to at least a 50% change with a water vacuum per week. As there are no live plants, she can stir up the substrate to make sure to get all the gunk out.
The film on the surface is biofilm and you are correct that more surface agitation should take care of that and her betta may even enjoy playing in the bubbles from an airstone.
The brown algae (diatoms) will need to be removed. The water changes and possibly lowering the light period could help, but initially it will require some cleaning. She can clean what she can off with her fingers or remove the decor from the tank and scrub it.

Also the betta's habitat is a little sparse. I'm guessing that he spends a fair amount of time under the filter. She should attempt to provide him with a little cave or somewhere he can hide to get away from it all. Some plants that go up to the surface to provide surface cover will help make him feel a little more secure.

I'd also recommend changing the water conditioner to Seachem Prime, it affords a lot more protection from harmful substances in the water.
I'd also recommend upgrading his food to New Life Spectrum, Omega One or NorthFin betta bites.

I know this may not be all within her budget, but we can start with the cleaning, upping the water changes, getting Prime and a little cave for him, then progress from there.
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