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Random Food Question!

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Hello everyone,
I have a really random question about food. I feed my bettas 2-3 pellets twice a day. Lately I have been feeding my betta Chester 3-4 pellets twice a day, because he is battling fin rot (he is doing much, much better:-D). Anyways, I have heard of some people feeding their bettas every OTHER day. I was wondering what is really the best amount of food to feed my bettas. They are pretty active fish, flaring at their reflections and things like that.

Thanks in advance
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Hello, PettaTheBetta. I feed my betta 3 pellets a day, as they eat sporadically during the day in the wild. 6-8 a day is ALOT and Chester will quickly get overweight even though he is fighting fin rot (sorry about that and good luck). I suggest you lessen that amount to 4-5 pellets a day for Chester and 2-3 a day for Petta VT (I think that is his name?) Also, people that feed their bettas every other day is COMPLETELY unnatural. Hope I helped! :) good luck.
Well I can't speak for anyone else but I feed my bettas twice a day. Once in the morning and again around 8 Pm. I have a variety of different foods (Mysis shrimp,Brine Shrimp,Blood worms, Daphia, and NLS pellets) so they get different meals everyday. :p When I give them pellets My male gets 3-4 twice a day and My female get's 2-3 twice a day. Neither of them have ever had problems with bloat, and both are very happy and healthy! :)
I've been wondering this since I got my betta two months ago. ;D I've even tried asking just like you have, and I've found that it differs a bit with everyone. We started out feeding Norman 5-6 pellets a day for the first month. He didn't seem bloated, never had SB issues. Then he started to unwillingly float and my first thought was I was overfeeding him. Now I'm pretty sure it was the freeze-dried blood worms.
Anyways, I now feed him 4-5 pellets a day, two in the morning, 2-3 at night. He doesn't look anywhere near bloated, but doesn't look starved either.

I've even seen someone on here say they let their betta eat as much as they can in two minutes like it says on the food containers. While I don't know about that, that just shows it's kind of up to you.

My vote is on 4-6 pellets a day, possibly spitting it up into two feeding times to let their little stomachs rest before another feast. :)

Another thing people do is fast their fish one day a week. This helps clear the digestive tract and lets the fish rest. I haven't done this yet, but I have considered it. Since Norman hasn't shown signs of constipation, I don't think I need to. Another thing to consider though.
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Hello, PettaTheBetta. I feed my betta 3 pellets a day, as they eat sporadically during the day in the wild. 6-8 a day is ALOT and Chester will quickly get overweight

I feed my bettas as many pellets as they can eat. They are not at all fat. 6-8 pellets a day is NOT a lot, and the fish will not get overweight. In my opinion 3 pellets a day is severely underfed.

There are A LOT of underfed fish here...
Perhaps someone can post a picture of an overweight betta.
jaysee you were that someone on here that I say said what you just said, haha. Couldn't remember your username.

You think a lot on here are underfed? Even with 6 pellets a day? With such small stomachs, I would think any more would add up after awhile. But I have always wondered if I underfeed now that I've already cut back to 4-6.
I don't time the feedings ;-)

Yeah I think 6 is underfed as well. Of course the thing no one has mentioned yet is that pellets come in different sizes so the numbers don't actually mean a whole lot. I mean, there's a big difference between a 0.5 mm pellet and a 2 mm pellet.

Stomachs are made to stretch. In my opinion the fish should look like it's eaten after it's been fed; that above all else should be your guideline.
I swore you said something a long those lines. ;/ My apologizes. :)

I usually go for the larger pellets myself. Some with some visible girth to them. Eventually I'll be left with microscopic pieces that I'll have to dump in by the handful. I might add a pellet to each feeding, see what happens.
I think fish are like snakes in that they don't really gain weight when overfed, but show other symptoms. I think your betta's stomach should be rounded after being fed, but not bulging.
We are feeding Owen Omega One Betta Buffet pellets. Are these considered good-sized pellets? We fed him 3 this morning and two tonight. I didn't want to put too much in because after he was acclimated yesterday we tried to give him 2 pellets after a few hours and he spit them out. He spit out a bit this morning as well….he just didn't seem sure what to do with them. This evening though he wolfed down the two pellets (we gave them one at a time to make sure he was eating them which someone here suggested….great tip). So I was planning on doing 3 pellets in the morning and 2 at night, but maybe it should be 3 morning and 3 evening?
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