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Re-using fish tanks

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What do you usually do when Re-using a tank for a new betta, after the one before it has passed?

My betta, Delta, passed away last weekend, and i plan on getting a new one with in the next month. Before I do so, I want to make sure that the tank is safe for a new Betta. Its a 2.5 gallon tank. so far i have diluted about 1 cup of diluted white vinegar with water to try and kill any remaining algae, i have rinsed it out thoroughly with water 3 times now. What more should i do?
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did he just pass from old age? Or an illness? And is it glass or acrillic?
+1 did he die from old age or a illness. if it was an illness then which illness was it?

Usually, if it is possible, I clean the tank with hot water and 90% rubbing alcohol. And then with hot water again to get rid of the alcohol smell.

do not use soap.
I had him for about 1 1/2 years. I'm guessing he died of old age, he was healthy and swimming around a few days earlier, then on Friday last week i noticed that he was resting on one of the leaves to his fake plant, but he still had an appetite, the next two nights i saw the same effect, he was resting in the corner of the tank. Then on Sunday he dies in his yellow submarine. I didn't notice any signs of illness, I think he died of old age.

the tank is acrylic, its an Aqueon Evolve 4.

thank you for your replies
okay, to me it sounds like your fine to re-use it, it doesn't sound like he was sick, just old. And im sorry for your loss by the wayxc.
Thank you
I just do a thorough water change, rinse all the decorations in hot water and scrub them off (with my hands, not with soap or anything) and change the filter.
I've reused my tank for a few bettas, and a simple hot water bath is all it needed.

Though I've never had a problem with a serious illness. Ich is about the worst thing that was in the tank.
Thank you everyone for the replies. I feel confident now re-using the tank. I think I'm going to go to pet co and get a few plants and some gravel, and start to get the tank set up. Not getting a fish yet, I might try and get a cycle going this time around.
i have a two and a half gallon tank and new conditioner so it might be fine that way
You are fine to simply do a water change then get a new fish . However yes getting a cycle going is absolutely key in fish keeping so you're right to tackle that first .
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