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Hello everyone, thanks for your posts on my previous thread. As I mentioned before, my fish was sick.

Likely caused by not enough water changes and no heater.

I tried one week of Bettafix without much success.

I'm now on day 2 of aquarium salt water treatment, doing 50% water change daily.

I also took the other 2, 1 gallon tanks I have of my kids with their very active Bettas and put them next to the sick fish tank.

I also turned on a desk lamp next to all the tanks to augment their incandescent nite lite bulb in their tanks.

First of all, the sick fish is looking better. Much more active. Crimson color is very robust now. Activity is dramatically improved and feeding has increased too.

The other 2 Bettas are also more active, darting around and moving around their tanks more.

I think they all like the company.

I'm going to continue this salt water for 1 week. How does that sound to you folks?

I was given a 10 gallon tank by my brother that I'm going to split into 3 slots for these fish. 3.3 gallons for each.

I would like some advice on tank set up please:

Air bubbler

Food brand and feeding pattern


Water change frequency and cleaning of the floor of the tank and/or when to perform 100% water change.

And anything else you could suggest.

Euro and Russell please chime in with your expertise!!!!

Thanks much!

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I read your other post and it's good that you're upgrading tank sizes for each betta. My recommendations for your 10 gal when you do install dividers would be to use dividers that are blacked out so they won't be able to see each other because it'll stress them out. If you're planning to put plants and you decide to go with fake ones, make sure they're silk so it won't cut their fins. I also do a 25% water change once a week for my 10 gal.

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This is the method I use for dividing my tanks. I "buffed" my up a little bit but using the #7 as well as #10 or #14, I don't remember, its the plastic ones they sell in rolls near the sheets. Mostly because it was to block out them seeing each other even more.

Heater - Aqueon adjustable heaters, one of my posts around here is basically talking about how I had multiple types of heaters across multiple tanks where my wood boiler went out plunging my house to about 38 degrees. The adjustable heaters are very nice just because you can set them as any temp you want and it will automatically shut off and turn on instead of just constantly being on especially if you're in an area where there is more of a fluctuation in temperature.

light i use the "plant max" light they sell for the regular single tube hoods.

Whisper tetra air pumps are SUPER QUIET ad I know because I have at least 4 of them in my room which I also sleep in which is also my fish room and I can actually sleep with them around.

For the filter on mine, because I have a glass lid and recommend a glass lid simply because with a divided tank it gives them less of an opportunity to jump a divider, I use a three split penn plax small world filter. its powered by the air pump and I run one tube to the 3 way valve and then have the three tubes form there feeding each little filter. if you decide to do an in tank filter or HOB, just be sure to adjust/block the flow s much as possible so one fish wont be constantly buffeted around their home just because the filters in their slot.

for food, either omega one betta or new life spectrum, best foods out there for a betta :]

water change would be about... eh... 25% once a week. Every time I change the water I give the gravel a good once over.

For live plants, I would recommend, Java ferns, java moss, and anubias as well as marimo balls.
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