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Hi everyone! :)

I posted a thread in the emergency category before about my Betta Sokka and how he has velvet. Or so I thought...

Before he was honestly darting and scratching it seemed, and I noticed his anal fin where it comes out from his body had redness to it. I did some research and found out velvet can look like red rust or gold dust so as soon as I could i got bettafix, been treating him for three days now (the meds i think interfere with his bubble nests... he'll get one going then all the bubbles pop later that day :< poor guy)

But now I'm wondering if I'm worried for nothing. I heard a rumor that sometimes blue bettas get a red tint on occassion. And the rest of his body looks normal, no white, gold or red patches its just on his anal fin in the area i told you about. His back fin though is split in two areas. The first he came with, and I thought it was an already healed injury and a notch that wouldnt fix up (it looked like a Ginko leaf, i was so close to naming him that XD) but then he got a split elsewhere. So if anything, at least bettafix will help mend his tail.

But am I worrying for nothing? His darting stopped when I put paper around the sides and back of the tank. So all his darting and scratching it seems was from him seeing a reflection :<

EDIT: Upon closer observation, getting really close he does have just the tiniest bit of gold on him O_O;
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