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Hey guys i have a lot of red with a little green HM/SD (some dident reach 180) Plakat bettas and just have a little to many of them and am looking for good homes for them also there good breeders to and i have male and female there about 2 months old are available now

Express mail is $39.95

and priority is 15$

heat packs are 2$ if you need them

i dont know how to ship internationally only US shipping

males are $5 Each females are $3 Each Breeding pair $10 Each +shipping

PM me for any other info and i also have microworms if you want them it would be $1 Each for a baggie of it, i would put it in the same box with the fish, and if you just want microworms it would be $3 including shipping, they are all healthy and happy :) PM me or let me know Here if you interested and i will be happy to put them aside for you!

Have a Great Day!


Some little buggers in part of the ten gallon

Edit: Sorry iphone Doesn't take good pictures i will try to put some new ones up when i get a new pictures on my sisters camera!


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