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Reflective Heater Causes Flaring

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Hello all!
I got my new little fish on Friday, and she (or he, but that's another debate altogether) has been hanging out around her heater a lot since I got her. I've just now realized that my heater has a very reflective surface on the sides. She flares a lot when sees her reflection :-(
I hesitate to get rid of the heater because it's actually a really good heater (Cascade 7-watt), but I don't want to have her freaking out about this constantly. She's a very happy, friendly, and curious fish, but I'm worried about this in the long run.
What can I do to solve this problem? Can I put blinders up around it? Or change my light source? Something? Anything?

-Madame Desu
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Try putting some plants, real or fake, around the heater to obstruct the view. Many betta also eventually start to ignore it, just a matter of time.
Have to agree, place a plant near it to make it difficult for him to get to it to flare.. eventually (even without the plants) he will calm down and should only occasionally flare.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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