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Hey guys! Haven't been on in a while. ;/ So sorry about that. This past weekend I got a male powder blue dwarf gourami that is currently occupying my 2.5 gallon minibow. I am religious about water changes and he is extremely happy with me! :) My good friend came over and fell in love with my fish, and after getting my gourami with her I decided she could take home Butterfly. <3 He's my grumpy old man, who I had for a year and 3 months. But he is now doing very well in a 1.5 gallon tank with her. :) She loves him to pieces. He has been renamed Rocky. So I only have 3 fish now, 2 bettas and my new gourami. Luna and Coral are doing awesome! :D Just wanted to update everyone.
Tank updates -
Minibow - 2.5 gallon, 1.5 pounds of white gravel, anubia, 2 fake plants
- 1 dwarf gourami
1 gallon petco tank - 1 pound of gravel, aerator/undertank filter and light
- Female VT luna (I've had her for a year and 2 months)
3 gallon petco critter keeper - 3 fake plants
- DeT tail boy Coral
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Thanks for the update :)

It sounds as if you are doing a good job in caring for them, but I would suggest doing a little more research on your gourami, as even though they are smallish labyrinth breathers, they still need space. Male bettas can get away with smaller tanks due to them not always being that active (long fins), but gouramis do have different needs. A 5 gallon should be the very minimal for a single dwarf gourami. Would also make sure the heater is set for 80-82*F, as these guys can be a bit more susceptible to diseases and they do better in the warmer temps. As well as they can grow to be about 3.5 inches, bigger then your average long finned betta..

Don't think I am saying you aren't a good owner, but there are differences in betta and other tropical fish, and why bettas can do good in smaller tanks, and why others shouldn't be. Just want to make sure you are aware of what those guys need. Good luck :)
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Thanks! I do know they are different species and have different needs, I'm working on getting a 5 gallon minibow but a of right now I only have the 2.5 gallon one. I do have a variety of foods for my gourami to eat. :) And everywhere online said my gourami would be 2" tops?
I do have a heater for him! :) It's set at 82 degrees right now. :)
Sounds like you are doing great and are knowledgeable! I've seen some larger ones and some only 2 inches myself, I suppose it depends on who wrote the article :)
Thank you! :D I try. Bettas are my forte but I'm learning lots about my gourami! Bought him another plant today and did his 4th 50% water change in 4 days, he's very happy right now! :D
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