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So before my tank was a ton of jungle Val, Java Moss on drift wood, one single dwarf sag, 2 itty bitty bits of Monte Carlo and salvinia minima.

I ripped all the Java moss off the driftwood (it looked terrible and most of it wasn't growing to the wood anyways. I had glued it down but I think the snails ripped it off, I took out all the jungle Val that had made its way to the front (but left it in the back) then planted more dwarf sag, wisteria and I think it's called cabomba caroliniana. I tried so many different placements but it still looks weird to me. Is it too packed? Oh there's also one sad rosette sword but it's making a comeback.

I was also sent WAY more wisteria than I was expecting. I planted a couple pieces, 2-3 pieces are floating and then I have probably 6-8 more just sitting in a pitcher because I don't know what to do with them.

I just found out there's a dollar per gallon sale so I was thinking about getting a 20L but if I do it won't be for about a month... it's pretty decent here outside during the day so I could put the pitcher outside to get sunlight but probably the first week of nov will be too cold... will I have to float it in my tank then? It will probably take up the whole top and shade the plants below.

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