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Rescue betta needs a home. Tampa Bay Area, FL

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I have a rescue betta that I am rehabilitating, and when he is healthy, he will need a new home. He will be ready to go within a month depending on how quickly he heals. He was close to death when I got him a few days ago, but has gotten much better in a short time. I only got him because I felt so bad for him, but I don't have the space to keep him long term. I would like to keep him here until he's stronger because I don't want to stress him out with too many environmental changes.

This is the thread about him and his progress:

I am located in Florida and I will not be shipping him, but I can meet up in the Tampa Bay area. I am asking a $4 adoption fee for just the fish. Right now he is in a 1.8 gallon Kritter Keeper with gravel and a small heater that I have been using as a hospital tank. If you want him + the tank, gravel and heater, I am asking $15.

Here are some photos of him that I took this morning.

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Wow! I don't think I've seen a crowntail betta with yellow coloring from petstore before. Someone should grab him.
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