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rescued betta from "all males betta tank" what type of tail is he?

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While driving to work I decided to take a different route than the one I usually take, suddenly I saw a small fish store and curiosity hit me.
Long story short. Worst fish store ever. The had what they called an all male betta tank, their theory is that by putting almost 100 males bettas in a 55 gallon, agression would be reduced to none, but it became a betta gladiator arena.
I saw easily 20 dead bettas and a bunch close to dying, after talking to the owner and asking him to put them in separate containers, he refused so I told him if he wouldn't separate them i would post the name of the store in the forum and make bad publicity for his store. So he said to give him one day to do it.
I went back to the store and all the males bettas where in wine glasses with lids. So I guess bettas win.
I brought this guy home but I don't know what tail type he is. Please help me identify him.
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Looks like a Veil Tail Splendens to me but from the picture I can't really tell.
He's a Veiltail. His fins are probably ripped from fighting, but with warm water, frequent water changed, and some API Stress Coat he should return to normal. Great job with getting them separated by the way!
Most likely a veil tail, and thank you for saving those fish!!!
I have problems understanding why pretty much every LFS, at least in my area, cares even less about their livestock than the chains.
I know so many people who want their own pet/fish store (myself included) to do things the RIGHT way, because we get upset seeing what the chain stores do. Yet I walk into these local smaller stores, and they are worse. When asked about something, they don't know any more than you'd expect from a franchise.

I know there are exceptions to this, but the majority seem to be clueless and just not care. Who could possibly think 100 males would be fine together, lol... And surely they'd at least notice after the fact it wasn't going to work?

A pet store really shouldn't be something people get into just to open up a business. They need to be passionate and knowledgeable about animals, and if they have that, *then* they will make money.

I'm glad you stepped in Judge!
Poor little man's fins are pretty ripped up from fighting but they will grow back and improve thankfully! And like,... HOW can someone be that ****ing STUPID??????? They are called siamese FIGHTING FISH FOR A REASON! What a damned foolish idiot.
To be honest with all of you. I didn't care for fish before but my son wanted a fish about 2 years ago and i started researching about bettas so I got him one in a 10 gallon tank, then we got some friends for the betta.
long story short I started getting the hang of it and now we have around 10 tanks, some in my house and some in my shop. All different types of fish.
It's fine, that's kind of how it starts. I didn't think much of fish, I even thought they were a little gross. Then I laid eyes on the first betta I've ever seen (A class pet, a blue VT) and fell in love. I dealt with the obsession for years until I just couldn't contain it and decided to actually get one xD. Now here I am with five.
well, that's just a moronic pet store owner. You wouldn't put even 10 aggressive breed dogs together but you'll put 100 aggressive fish together and NOT notice the fish are killing each other!!! Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the stupidity of some ppl
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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