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Rescued Betta from Christmas Party

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Sooooo much to the dismay of my parents (animals have a way of "finding" me as I put it haha) I came home from a Christmas party Yankee Swap with a new addition to the family, a small veiltail female. Because I am in high school, people put absolutely outrageous things in the grab, I'd have to say the fish was fairly normal compared to some of the other "gifts." Actually, she was one of two, there was a beautiful halfmoon male in a vase, who I would have loved to have saved as well, but my main concern was the female because she was still in her cup and the habitat that had been given away with her was far too small, (one of those horrid little box things by Marina) Additionally, she did not even have water conditioner or food in her bag and knowing some of the people at that party they would not have gone out of their way to provide her with them. I really felt I "connected" with this little girl the minute I saw her, she swam right up to me with eyes that just said "help me, I need a friend" (You all know the feeling I am sure.) What I am planning on doing at this point is dividing the large critter keeper I keep my male in. I know it is not ideal, but it's really my only option at this point because my parents will not allow me to set up another tank. It is pretty large, about 3.5 gallons, and heated and filtered. I will just have to do water changes allllll the time and test my water more frequently. The male that I keep in there now is very small and I do not expect him to grow much, his growth was stunted by terrible water conditions before he was rescued. My main question is, should I quarantine her before I put them together? And if so for how long? She looks fine besides a little dull with some black scales, and her fins are a little translucent in parts, but she's very perky. I have methelyne blue also and I have heard that giving her a metheleyne blue bath could help shorten the quarantine, but I do not want to risk hurting the fish. Also, while she is being quarantined, she will not have any heating or filtration, which is why I would prefer to get her into my main tank as soon as I can. Thank you for your help.
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Do you have something like Craig's List where you are? You could look for a second hand tank there. Sometimes people give them away for free, or you place a Wanted add yourself. A 10 gallon divided would give each of your bettas 5 gallons to themselves and you can put lots of plants next to divider to block them from seeing each other. At the least it should be a 5 gallon, giving each fish 2.5 gallon. You need to be aware that with substrate and decorations it really is closer to 2 gallons per fish!

Doing it right, quarantine should be at least 4 weeks long, since some infections/parasites take that amount of time to present themselves. So it is really a risk that you will have to be OK with if you place them in the same tank before that!
Thank you for replying!
Yes, I do have access to craigslist/places where I could get a larger tank, but I'm afraid I can't, my parents are already unhappy enough about me getting this fish- adding another aquarium to the collection is completely out of the question. Of course, if I could, both fish would both have 20 gallons each, but it is their house and their rules. I have the female in a one gallon quarantine tank right now with no substrate. She does seem to have very very mild finrot on one of her fins, but I am not treating her with anything but stress coat because I don't want to overload her with medicine- I think clean water will help and she will heal herself. If the fin rot gets worse I will consider adding aquarium salt to her tank. Also, I did a major water change in my main tank and removed the substrate. I do not know whether or not I will put it back again- to make additional space for both fish. I should note that both fish are VERY small, and I don't think they produce a lot of waste or ammonia.
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