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A while back I posted a thread about clear coatings, spray on kind which I could simply hit some dice with, let them sit and then drop them in a tank. I got a few good answers, which I hadn't tried yet but will soon!

Onto my newest problem! I recently decided that my next Betta will be a Giant, or King Betta and that his tank will have a Zen theme. I already have the design and decor in mind, however the items I want don't have the best reviews on PetCo/PetSmart online and I know through my own experience that Top Fin especially has paint related issues with their items.

So to prevent to the paint peeling and leaching into my tank iI thought I could just reseal the items, add on a second clear coat and let it set and hopefully nip the problem in the butt!

My question is does anyone have any advice for this. Epoxy vs spray on clear coats, brands to use, chemicals to avoid, and of course maybe your own personal experiences with DIY aquarium decor :D
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