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Hello all! I'm a long- time fish owner, off and on, for several decades. Everything from 50 gallon to 5. Multiple bettas over the years as well as community tanks. I've been a member before, but I couldn't figure out which email address I used.

I've recently set up my 5 gallon, Spec v again and after cycling, it now has a new resident, as if yesterday afternoon. This is Arthur. He's still a bit shy, but he's starting to explore now. He must be reasonably comfortable, though as this is the first time I've ever had one start their bubble nest in less than 24 hours!

For all the tanks I've had, I've never tried live plants, and I'd really like to do that soon. 'll be heading over to that area to get some help shortly. Nice to meet you all!
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Hello and welcome back!

Thank you for introducing your new and stunning boy!

I always encourage live plants - so looking forward to your questions (and more pictures of Mr. Crowntail馃榿)!
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