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Hi everyone.

So I used to be an active member here, a couple years ago now! I've had the hankering to have fish again but I need to have some restraint. Unfortunately, I've sold my 30 gallon tank! Before I consider adopting another betta ...or any other fish, I want to make sure my water quality will be good enough.

We live in a house now in an area that has really bad well water... if we didn't have the softener, it would be orange. However, now we have a softener plus an extra de-ironizing tank thingy... if I use that water for the tank plus something like aquasafe to condition it, would that be alright?

When I had my last betta, Zidane, I lived in a place where it was city water and I used a conditioner then. So I wasn't sure how different softened well water would be. :) I honestly, don't really want to invest in an API kit again for testing... I'm probably gonna let the tank cycle for a few weeks... I just miss the hobby and want a little buddy to watch. :) Input? :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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