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I found Jack, a beautiful blue and white (and then red!) butterfly delta male in August (2011).
I really enjoyed watching his color develop over the months. He was a tail biter the entire time I had him.
Several weeks ago he seemed to be acting lethargic and just wanted to hide in his cave. I had neglected on his water change a bit so I went ahead and did a complete water change and he perked right up - for awhile. But a few days later he was back to hiding.
I saw him like that before I began work so I planned on doing another water change later on to see if it helped. But a few hours later, he was dead. I can't say for sure what killed him. I hope it wasn't ammonia related. If it was its my fault that I didn't do frequent enough water changes. I
I had been really looking forward to see how much more his color would change.
He had become my little "Captain America" - any LOST fans would appreciate the irony. :)
I miss you Jack. RIP.
I buried him in Charlie's plant. Now it's Jack and Charlie's plant.


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