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Well I have two male and two female halfmoon bettas.They were beautiful when I bought them at the store.But after few days of exposure to the water at my residence, their fins appeared clamped and they were really dull ,not eating well.Their tanks were kept close together and they had been flaring and tail biting which i noticed a bit late.
I went through the net for any available medications and was bewildered at such a huge array!!I decided to put aside fancy medications and just put a little use on my medical knowledge.
Most of the organisms including bacteria and fungus,which cause common infections in fishes, cannot grow under alkaline atmosphere.When your betta pet gets a fresh tear on their fins or scales,they are more prone for infection,until the primitive healing process starts up, at the site,of damage. So your job is to protect the damaged and highly vulnerable area from microbes.The common principle is that once u discover that your betta has developed a vulnerable site of infection,like a fin tear or a raw area,better isolate him in to a medium sized tank.Use 1tsp of rock salt per gallon add a few almond leaves and let it on for a while and add your betta in.Repeat this procedure every day until you can see the healing of the damaged spot.For example appearance of white transparent spots at sites of fin tears can give you a clue that the healing has started to take place.
Though my fish battered themselves up my daily treatment have helped recover clamped and damaged fins,restore normal behaviour...Natural almond leaf extract helps in developing strong and protective scales and fins.Now all my bettas have resumed normal shine and colour.Thin,rigid,damaged,clamped and crowded fins have been replaced with shiny,vibrant,colourful,fanned out fins!!!!Should you be in trouble ,please try this for once and you wont be disappointed...Good luck!!!:smile::smile::smile:
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