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Roku; young but sweet

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Roku was a sweet little guy who passed away yesterday morning. I was a new betta owner when I saw him, and my grandparents told me 1 fish was enough for now, but I couldn't leave Roku behind. He was too pretty and very friendly. My neighbors were in need of a fish and were hoping to properly take care of a betta, since they bought a very droopy fish in the store who barely lasted a week (he was in a bowl, too... so it figures :-( ). So we told them we found a beautiful betta for them and they agreed to let us go pick him up. Since they didn't know what to name him, I named him Roku and helped them set up a tank properly and take care of him. Every time they left for vacation, Roku would come and stay over at my house and I would watch him with my other bettas (we ended up getting 2 more anyways!).
He was a very cute little thing, a picky eater but a sweetheart who always got excited to see me.
I wasn't aware that he was dying, but my neighbor went to a local pet store to ask a worker what she should do. The worker just told her it was too late- but it wasn't! Bettas can always be saved, it can be difficult but they are hardy fish and she could of tried to help him. But no, the worker told her to let the fish die.. I swear, some people don't understand how bettas are just as much of a pet as any other.
Anyways, we're fairly convinced he died of an internal parasite. I'm not sure how he got it, but she described his symptoms as "acting normal and eating normal but getting smaller and smaller."

I only got one picture of him on my phone when we first got him (we temporarily put him in a bowl while we waited for our neighbor to get home). Other than that, I don't have any other pictures. A shame, he was very pretty and I wish I took the time to sit down and photograph him like I do with my boys all the time.

He would've been 1 year old in July.

Rest in peace, Roku, you had a short life but I don't regret saving you from the cold little cup in Petco. I'm sure you were happier during the time you had a comfortable tank and proper care, and most importantly, love. <3
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Poor Roku. At least his life was better than it would have been with you helping your neighbors. Swim in peace Roku.
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