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Rubbing against objects?

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Is this behavior based on water quality in a tank? My other betta started doing this, sometimes i catch him doing it. He sometimes sits at the top of my tank and moves around in the tank and flares out at night. My tank has small abouts of tannins released from the mopani wood in the tank. If it is water quality, should i do a 50% or more change?
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Rubbing against things is a symptom of Ich, I would suggest watching him closely and checking for little white spots on your fish. If you see any I would treat him for Ich. I personally don't do any treatments unless I know what the illness is.

Just keep a good eye on him for anything else that pops up.
is ich something that can be treated without buying medication right off the bat?
I found this site has a lot of good information. Though again, I wouldn't treat your fish without knowing what exactly is making him rub against things.

Just keep him in observation for the time being.
it seems that hes developed some small specs when i look closely at him. So I'm assuming he might have ich then if thats what its described as.
Sounds like ich. You can safely raise your temperature to 80-84F, this usually kills off ich.
If i were to increase the temperature, should I move him out and wait for it to get appropriate temperature?
You should remove him, increase the temperature, and acclimate him.
hmm, my tank usually sits at 78, is 82 a comfortable constant temperature even after the ich? Was just a thought.
82 is fine for a betta long term. It actually boosts their immune system, so if you can keep it that high, go for it!
alright thanks, one more thing while raising water temp, is salt needed at all ? in case raising temperatures does not work
You can try putting him in his cup or a tupperware container (don't fill it high enough that he can jump, or cover it with plastic wrap with a few holes poked in it) in 1 tsp/gallon salt. Float the container in his tank with the temperature up, so the temperature in the container will be the same. When I do this, I duct tape the container to the side of the tank to keep it floating and still (make sure to keep the tape out of the water). Pre-mix aquarium salt in a gallon jug. As long as it's the same water source and at the same temperature he's used to, it's okay to just net/cup him and put him in the salt water container.

So you can take him out of his tank and up the temperature, then acclimate him in his tank, then put him in the salt water. You can also just gradually up the temperature and leave him in the tank (about one degree an hour) then put him in the salt water.

If 1 tsp/gallon doesn't seem to be working, you can up it to 2, then 3, to a max of 5 (shouldn't need to do that, though). Make sure to change the water everyday in the container (to make this easier, I float two containers in the tank and switch the fish to the fresh one, then clean out the other and put water in it, and stick it back in). And remember, salt treatments for a maximum of 10 days only.
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Sounds like a parasite on the skin like ich or something. try aq salt if its white dots and if u shine a flashlight on it and it looks liek gold rust or something it mite be velvet or i forget wat thats called or ho to tret it.
I'd start with the tempeture increase, if it doesn't get better or starts getting worse, than you can start AQ salt. :)
use aq salt anyway just to be sure it kills off ich too just add one dose and 4get about it next water change
Alright thanks, I wanted to ensure he stayed healthy because he's an energetic fish so hopefully it's not affecting him too much.
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