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Sorry for always posting when things go wrong. :oops:

So, I bought 3 Nerite Snails about a month ago and stuck them in my cycled 5gal single male betta tank (I know that's tapping overstock almost, but I stay on top of the params really well/do spot cleanings of the snail waste! All safe!). A zebra, red onion, and olive.

Last Thursday I did my weekly water change/vacuum, and my zebra was stuck pretty hard to the glass and covering an area that REALLY needed a vacuum. I think I ended up actively 'plucking' them off the glass. I placed them in one of their most common corners of the tank, since I figured that was stressful. Two days later, hadn't moved and I was going out of town, so I left them on top of one of the flat decorations to keep an eye on them. This Tuesday, looked like they'd moved a little so I thought I was in the clear.

Last night (so, a week later), I could see a leak out of the shell that was a light purple 'goo' or fuzz. :cry: Fears confirmed when I went to do the change. The 'trapdoor' had even somehow managed to escape from under the shell and go out the side. Miraculously, my water parameters were all perfect (0 ppm ammonia/nitrite, 20ppm or less nitrate, 7.6-7.8 pH - standard for my water), and cleaning out the shell was flawlessly easy. Both of the other snails are spunky and active. In addition, I do not add salt to this tank and definitely haven't at all since the snails were added, so that's not a factor either.

  • Did I cause a lethal injury? (In trying to google about the problem, I read that you can injure them and should never 'pluck' them but wiggle them until they retract/release on their own, but no real info on how snails are affected by injury)
  • I noticed in googling about snails passing that it seemed more common for zebras to pass; are they known to be more fragile?
  • Are there any other conditions to explain the passing?
I saw a bunch of people claim "there's just no way to know" and it's not uncommon for a few snails to pass after a few months of getting them while others are fine, but that seems... Unlikely to me. Like people who claim a betta living a few months is fine/normal/expected, but it's mostly due to unexperienced/misinformed owners. I'm worried about my 2 remaining ones, as I'm just as attached to them as my other pets.

I also read a few threads/pages that said that while nerites CAN clearly adapt/survive in freshwater, that it's exploitative of the species and there's some species devastation due to their popularity in freshwater tanks. That it also is the cause of why so many pass quickly when they have much longer wild life spans (a few months on average vs a few years wild) Reportedly, most nerites are harvested from the wild, since captivity breeding is difficult (impossible in fresh, which is why they're popular/why I chose them over other snails). Is there any truth to these claims? :???: I don't want to support situations like this, which is why I am an activist about blue tangs, which we haven't been able to breed in captivity at *all*
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