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Salt types?!

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So at home I have to different types of salts and wanted to know if one is safe for Betta first I have regular salt we use for food then, I have another salt that's more like crystals and on the ingredients it just says salt no other thing added its like salt used in alcoholic beverages like margaritas I wanted to know if I can add that one to my 5gallon tank for my Betta as i think he might have Velvet im also giving him Jungle Life Guard.

Also im afraid of doing a large water change since my ghost shrimp in there has recently gave birth and might hurt the fry? So how should I clean the tank? I have also turned of light near the tank only turn it on to feed him.

Also I have a heater and filter thermometer and a ammonia checking thingy:cry:
my Betta acts normally eats normally except i think he itches himself since he also has like discoloration patches in his body area but its not like ick or fuzzy or anything like that. im really worried help??
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The meds will probably kill ur shimps... A water change might just save them. if your sheimps are still alive, take the betta out and treat him separately in a QT tank. since velvet is highly contagious anyway, you might as well starve the parasite out in your tank whole curing the betta in qt. just a suggestion. some also wouldnt recommend salt with medication, the salt you are looking for is aquarium salt, usually by API, they are very cheap. the dosage is 1tsp/gal to up to 3 tsp/gal ( increased slowly from 1 tsp/gal), used no more than 2 weeks.
Ok thanks, but will a 1 gallon tank work i have an extra one but a betta died in it like 3 weeks ago she died because of petsmart they gave it to me sick and i didnt know about diseases then. should I perhaps bleach the gallon tank or rinse it in tap water like 20 times since soap isn't safe.

also will try to post some photos in the emergency section by tomorrow.
I think you can clean it out with one part vinegar and 9 part water. then rinse it out with hot water and scrib scrub scrub. no soap or bleach.... those are really bad if traces are left behind.

one fallon is awfully hard to heat though... maybe you can ask the other members about this. Unless you have a super steady room temp like I do or something.... Sorry, heaters are not my field of expertise, I dont have one...
For some reason my 1 gal hold at a steady 80F due to humidity and the filter...guess im just lucky? Ive also heard that you can float a small qt tank in the main tank to keep the temperature steady.
I have wondered about this myself. I don't use iodized salt for my cooking, rather I use Sea Salt. Just sodium chloride, no additives like anti-caking agents or iodine.

I plan on picking up some regular aquarium salt, but how does what I use for my cooking differ from the stuff made for fish?
Regular sea salt has more natural minerals and trace elements in them, from what Ive read.
oO a 50watt will probably pulverize your 1gal, lol. Im not a medication expert, you should startasnother thread with the specific question in the title, people with that knowledge will come to help you in no time :)
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