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Saltbath?? (answer ASAP please!)

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okay so i decided its time that i get into my local petstore(its fairly small, sadly) and buy EVERYTHING i need for my betta. Right now, hes just laying at the top of the water inside the plant leaves(live plant) and doesnt eat! so ive decided im going to try a saltbath, since i was told by someone on here that it might be parasites because hes trying to scratch himself on everything.

i was just wondering; is a saltbath an alternative soloution? i know that he should be in the bath for about 5-20 minutes, but how long should he be in his own tank after that before i put him in again? i want to make sure that the idea i have wont harm him, so im asking here first.

thank you for all future answers!!
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here is a link to a thread here on the forum that describes various illnesses and how to treat them..
I'd check the ammonia and nitrite levels first, and do a big water change. He also could be shocked if the water params are really different. How long has he been doing this? Is he gasping?
tomorrow i will urgently look for an ammonia and nitrate kit in my petstore

he isnt gasping, hes just sitting at the top, not moving but hes taking in air at times

and yesterday i did a 100% waterchange and removed my first plant which was partly growing brown (i bought a new, green, big and healthy looking one) and he didnt seem very shocked. I have a flamingo barracuda 200 filter, which is fairly small but makes a very strong current which im afraid if it will stress out my betta, or should i keep it on at all times?
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