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Sand or Gravel on my Betta tank.

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So i want to change the substrate in my new Betta's tank. I've always used gravel but i really like the look of sand. Im going to use it in a 2 gallon tank. I have no problem in cleaning the sand etc... So what do you think? I want a light colored sand that will make my red Betta kinda pop.
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I don't recommend sand- it can be very messy and it can make the water dirty a lot easier. Pebbles are a lot easier to clean, too.
Actually a black darker sand would bring out the bettas colors better. I recommend sand, its in all my tanks, and its better for most plants, but not all.
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I think gravel would be better for a 2 gallon, in my opinion.
In a two gallon you have to do 100% changes at least every week or two. It would be a pain in the butt to clean sand that often.
And you have a chance of sand getting sucked into the filter (if you have one), since the tank is small.
I liked sand in my HM's tank but it ended up constantly getting sucked into the filter and I could always see the bright orange poop on the black sand. It's also a pain to put water back into the tank because you have to do it so carefully or the sand goes everywhere.

All my tanks except my sorority are bare bottom :X
That's the short version of the endless sand vs gravel discussion. Below here are "Similar Threads" which expand on this discussion. Lot's to think about.

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks a lot guys. I think I'll try sand since my tank doesn't have a filter and im committed to do the cleaning etc.
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The way i put water in to my tanks is, get a breeder box than stick it to the glass and pour the water in to that slowly. Almost never moves the sand
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Gravel is way better for a starter, IMHO, in terms of ease of maintenance. Now here is something to consider: there are smaller sized gravels that are halfway almost between sand and regular sized gravel, and apparently from what I read plants really like them. I think the smaller gravels are really pretty too! And unusual.
+1 Hallyx. If you do a search you'll find a kazillion threads. Like all decor, it boils down to a matter of preference.

I prefer sand because it looks more natural to me. It's also, for me, easier to maintain since all you have to do is a light surface vacuum instead of deep vacuuming like with gravel. And if you do like Tankman12 when refilling you won't disturb the sand. I pour the water over my hand.
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