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Please forgive me for I have slacked big time! But fear not as I come bearing some interesting results.

So the Sire is a Blue VT male, proven breeder by the first huge spawn I posted here and should be just under this thread. Female was (yes RIP) a white Platinum VT and first time mother, she was 5 months old. Before I start with the log I will mention that there was nothing I could have done to save the female, she had a prolapse and died within 24 hours after spawning, she was bleeding off her egg spot and nothing I tried worked, the male did not cause this, it was the embrace itself and it would have happaned with any other male, it is just how it goes sometimes.


16/10 Female released
17/10 Eggs visibly in the nest, female removed
18/10 Fry hatched, Female passed away
20/10 Free swimming stage, male removed
21/10 First food(Vinegar eels-VE)
25/10 Mixed Baby brine shrimps (BBS) and VE
28/10 Feeding only BBS, fry feeding well
18/11 Fry have been colouring up with blues and reds popping out first. They have been feeding on a mixture of BBS, Tubifex and Repashy. Moved the fry into the shrimp tank today and found a few fry with strange brown looking colouration that I was not expecting to pop. I was expecting anything between reds, blues, whites and yellows only.

Enjoy the pictures I've been gathering over the past month, I have to add due to this spawn being considerable smaller (around 50 fry) the fry have grown way more than comparing to my first breeding attempt. Btw off topic but I will be adding the pictures of the jared Blue VT Black lace HM to their respective log within the week.

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