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Schooling fish

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I have a 15 gallon tank, that is a sorority and densely planted. Since it is filled with bettas the water movement is not all that great. I would like it to circulated better but I have no way to do it, suggestions on that is also welcome.

So the point, a small schooling fish that does good in fairly neutral, around 7.4-7.6 with softer water. The water is not circulated very well, need to find a solution, so a fish that cam do fine in low oxygen.
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So no to Cherry barbs? I do like them!

I sans stay away from tetras that are super inbred, I read they often die within a year from Tetra disease is it?

I wouldn't be able to do cories as I have gravel and I refuse to have them in anything but sand.
Awesome!, I will look into getting some. Hopefully find some females also. Shouldn't they ne kept in a ratio? I thought I heard that somewhere, correct me if I am wrong though.

I would get rummynoses but they probably enjoy more current then what the tank has to offer.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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