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Schooling fish

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I have a 15 gallon tank, that is a sorority and densely planted. Since it is filled with bettas the water movement is not all that great. I would like it to circulated better but I have no way to do it, suggestions on that is also welcome.

So the point, a small schooling fish that does good in fairly neutral, around 7.4-7.6 with softer water. The water is not circulated very well, need to find a solution, so a fish that cam do fine in low oxygen.
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Aren't cherry barbs mainly sub tropical fish? Which means they can survive at tropical temperatures but there lifespans would we shortened and they would've more succeptable to diseases. Similar to a guppies situation.

With 5 bettas in a properly cycled, filtered, densely planted tank I think that you could only add a small 6-8 school of smaller fish such as neons or cardinals. Have you thought about ember, neon, cardinal, tetras, or glo light , harlequin, and scissor tail rasboras
Yeah. You do have a point, lots of Corydoras lifespans are shortened by how they are typically kept. In higher temperatures, I just thought that it would be greatly reduced as they are mainly sub tropical fish, while Corydoras are temperate fish
Did it go like fish _ _ _ _ _ _ . Net, of so then I understand, there are quite a few members on what website that are very strict when it comes to temperatures that fish should be kept in. I always thought the long term effects were minimal for certain Corydoras while they were more severe with cherry barbs,

and if it was that forum, I got flamed for saying that cherry barbs are schooling fish and for best results, you should have a group of 6+
That's a bit unreasonable isnt it. I have kept every single one of my Bettas at 78 degrees and with other fish. He was fine and thrived.
I definitely agree. While not all Corydoras prefer and originate from cooler temperatures. That guideline should be followed with the ones that do originate form cooler waters
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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