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***If this is in the wrong place, excuse me, I wasn't sure where to put it.***

Welp, I can't find that old thread so I thought I'd give the nice people who helped me out with the tail biting problem, here's how my blue boy is doing.

When Scout was tail biting, there were, of course, patches of missing fin, and between each patch was-I don't know how to explain it-threads of fin...?

There wasn't any regrowth, which could have been because of the water, or could have been because he was biting.
Now the 10 gallon is set up. Scout was introduced, (Only a few plants in there because we don't have enough rocks yet) and I checked up on him....
TONS of regrowth on the tail.
The anal fin isn't showing a whole ton of regrowth, but I doubt he's still biting, if he could even reach that part of his anal.
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