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Sea Monkeys? Brime Shrimp.

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I've heard Sea-Monkeys, are actually Brime shrimp.

I have also heard, that Betta love to eat Brime shrimp! Would it be okay to raise these Sea-Monkeys, and then feed them to a betta?

Link to what I am talking about :p
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Sea monkeys are indeed brine shrimp, and they are safe to feed to a betta.

However, it would be cheaper to buy a cheap brine shrimp hatchery and eggs and raise them that way.
Hmm. Where could I buy this? I figured, it would be cheaper to raise them myself, then to buy them at a pet store?

I've read that bettas can choke on them? Is this true?

Brine shrimp are a nice snack for your Betta, but don't feed them only brine shrimp. Brine shrimp aren't that nutritious but your betta will have fun hunting them.
Hmm. Where could I buy this?
You could try Googling.
I tried googling it.. I found one of the Sea monkeys, for $10.99. Sound like a good price?

You should google DIY brine shrimp hatchery, you can make one by drilling a hole through a 2 liter soda bottle cap and adding an air line. Or, you can buy this base, and the premeasured brine shrimp egg/salt mixture, and add your own bottle and air pump. You will get way more brine shrimp this way than with the sea monkey kit.
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