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Seachem ammonia alert

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I put this in the tank last night (yes I took the plastic off) and replaced 20% of the water yet I can't figure out how to read this wheel. Can anyone help?

Blue Pink Water Organism Black hair
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The middle circle is the one that changes colors, and it will match a color on the outside of the wheel. So see how your inner circle matches the yellow on the bottom? That means its safe.
Wow. Thanks so much. I've been staring at the wheel colors. Lol!

Hey. I see you're from Boston also. Whereabouts? I'm in Malden!
Oh nice! I have family there. I'm in Wakefield :)
Sorry for your family :( this city has gone to hell.
How were the fireworks? First year we didn't go to your lake to watch.

Lol. I remember about 3 years ago ducking lightening bolts from the school parking lot where we park.
I was actually in Marblehead this year, but my folks said the fireworks were good as usual in town :)

Haha yes! I was there too! That was insane, then like 10 minutes after they ended it was torrential downpours, we invited strangers in our car to dry off hahaha
I had our newbirn kitten with us!!!
A stray left behind by her mom - she was only a few weeks old and I couldn't leave her home alone (still bottle feeding). Poor baby freaked out as we all huddled in the trunk of my pathfinder!!!

We stayed home this year, had planned on Hampton but with the yucky weather thought they'd be postponed. :(

Made up for it by going up today for an afternoon at the beach!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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