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Seachem ammonia alert

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I put this in the tank last night (yes I took the plastic off) and replaced 20% of the water yet I can't figure out how to read this wheel. Can anyone help?

Blue Pink Water Organism Black hair
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The middle circle is the one that changes colors, and it will match a color on the outside of the wheel. So see how your inner circle matches the yellow on the bottom? That means its safe.
Oh nice! I have family there. I'm in Wakefield :)
I was actually in Marblehead this year, but my folks said the fireworks were good as usual in town :)

Haha yes! I was there too! That was insane, then like 10 minutes after they ended it was torrential downpours, we invited strangers in our car to dry off hahaha
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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