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Second times the charm

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Right second attempt at Bettas. After my poor Axl I decided to give it a rest for a few months, till a time it felt right to try again. This time I've gone for a black crown tail which I've already named Anubis. Picked him out yesterday and picking him up tomorrow.

Prepared the tank hopefully enough, scrubbed with a very diluted bleach water and rinsed ALOT! (in the bath tub with the tap on low for about and hour. Enough? Blue silicone from fungus treatment safe? Tanks been dry for months since and as previous scrubbed.

Cycling done curtisy of the Oscar; filter and gravel in that tank for a few month. This time adding live plants, tossing between the black glass pebbles to small light riverstones. Water treated and heated, heater test done; it still works fine.

Anyways, advice to introducing into his new home? Or anything I missed before I get him home?

(pics will follow)
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