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Seeking advice from people with divided tanks.

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where do you guys place your heat/filtration and does it heat/filter the whole tank evenly? any other tips would be appreciated, hoping to learn from others' trial and error, thanks guys!
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I have a filter on each side and one side is a bit larger to accommodate the heater.

Hallyx has a great idea: A center, fish-less section for the heater and filter. This also creates an additional barrier should one Betta decide to jump the divider.
I love that idea for the center being a neutral zone~~!!! When I had a tank that as divided between my two boys I had the heater on one side of the mesh and the filter on the other side of the mesh. It sort of acted as an additional barrier for when they had stare offs.
I place my HOB filter (Marina S10) right on top of the divider. The intake tube is on one side, the output on the other. The divider fits right between the tube and the waterfally-bit. It forces the water through the divider - I don't get enough circulation otherwise. Can do something similar and more low-key with a canister filter (might be even more effective to be honest). I put the heater on the right side of the tank where the thermometer is and trust the circulation to distribute the heat well.

Not sure if you can see it too well because it's see through - the output is on the left, and intake on the right :

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I kept the filter and heater together on one side, and it worked fine. I do like the idea of having the filter and heater in the middle, though, to keep them safe if someone decides to jump. I never had any issues with someone jumping though, except for once which was my fault. xD; I taught her how to jump for food and she kinda jumped over the divider on accident. Nothing happened. I scooped her up and put her back right away.
I do the same as InStitches. I place the intake on one side right near the heater (keeps good water flow over the heater and distributes the heated water) and the output on the other side.
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