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Selling two Eheim 4.3G Nano Fish Tanks / two bettas up for adoption

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Long story short - wasn't suppose to have more than 2 fish tanks in my apt and my landlord isn't happy and wants them out. I have two Eheim nano tanks 4.3 gallon up for sale, asking $75 each which includes the complete set up (light, tank, filter). These are high quality rimless tanks, thick 5mm glass, comes with glass lids - the lights alone are $50 each. Local pick up preferably, I'm in the SF Bay Area in Calif.

I have also have three bettas that'll need to be rehomed, all I ask is the buyer pays for the shipping cost+materials ($13 priority mail+7 foam+2.50 heat pack). They're fairly young~ 6 months old.

Adam - Halfmoon king betta, very fiesty! I love him and absolutely healthy. He would do well in a 4+ gallon tank.

Thai - Actually got him from aquabid - beautiful markings, fairly young ~ 3 months old.

Atlas - White/Marble Delta, sorry for the bad pictures, was cleaning his tank. He's a very active guy as well, follows your finger :)

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The landlord has a problem with a couple of 4 gallon tanks..
Well, I had 5 tanks total, two 4.3 gallon tanks, two 3 gallon tanks and one 2.5 gallon tanks :( Guess that was too much for her.
Could have been worse, you could have had a 60 gallon tank, then she'd have plenty more to say.

Sorry to hear you have to rehome everyone. I hope you can find buyers close to you.
I live on the wrong coast so can't snag those tanks..the cost of shipping would probably make it about as much as it is to get new :/
Consider also posting the tank for sale on, possibly ebay (ebay takes a % of profit), you can also try cregslist but be careful with the meeting to sell(meet in active public place and take someone with you).
A great place to meet for Craigslist or any other site is police stations. My local station recommends it actually.

I love both Thai and Atlas... but I just don't have the space for any more permanent pets :/
Wish I had room. Out of curiosity how's Sharkie doing? That was what you named that giant right?
Dang, I'm really tempted into buying this tank. I've been looking all over for rimless tanks like these. I unfortunately don't have enough funds and the drive is about 1-2 hours. Which I don't mind, but I unfortunately cannot drive. I wish you the best of luck finding homes for your beautiful fish, and the tanks to.
I'm able to keep the other two bettas, Sharkie was rehomed with a friend since my landlord restricted me to have two 3 gallon tanks at most and sharkie required a bigger tank :( and these guys are left. Yes, I would move out but the bay area housing is so limited (too much demand, not enough supply of housing).
ah, I didn't see him and was worried he didn't make it, he is definitely a beauty. Good luck finding homes for these guys, wish I could help!
This is a legal apartment you are living in?

Yes I could understand a landlord not liking a large tank in the apartment...but these small tanks...seriously? I'm sorry but this landlord is really ridiculous.
Just curious but how did the landlord "catch" you?
I'm currently at work and really shouldn't be on my phone, but this is so ridiculous I just got to say this: did you sign a lease that clearly stated 6 gallons is the maximum tank volume you are allowed to have? This may sound stupid but if you still have a copy of your lease terms and agreements dig it up and find that clause. It's got to be there on the fine prints somewhere. My apartment clearly stated - in bolded letters - that I am only allowed 50 gallons total. So I'm fairly confident the same term can be found in leases for other apartments near or far. If there is no mention of maximum tank size, your landlord has no right to make up rules as they go. Law can't be pulled out of thin air! =\ I personally would try to fight back.

That's all I have. Sorry I can't do more.
My landlord didn't specify gallon limit that I know of. If it doesn't specify on your lease fight it.
My apartment complex has a 10 gallon limit, it is in my lease.
Yes, it was on the lease specifying no pets, part of HOA as well :( In fairness, I should've only had two tanks but it's really hard when you love these bettas... I just thought it would've been okay because she NEVER visits, but apparently she was notified that maintenance needed to access my unit and I wasn't answering my phone and she had to allow them in.

I'm thinking about setting up a tank at work and keeping one of the boys listed on here, but still two has to go :(

Thank you guys for the support, and landlords have much more control than the renters, that's how it is here in the SF Bay Area. You either abide or get kicked out, they can easily replace you with the number of people looking for housing here.
Ugh that sucks. I do wonder why property owners have to be so paranoid about pet ownership when The US has one of the world's most prevalent pet owner population. What was it, 1 out of 3 homes have dogs?


Space is also my enemy unfortunately. But if I end up with a vacant spot in the foster house - worse comes to worse - I can foster whoever hasn't found a home yet.
I just sent on two fosters i was watching while their owner was on a cruise, so I also can offer to foster if you need them out before they find permanent homes. I'll definitely have the space for at least two of them.
Where are you located in bay area?
I have a 10 gallon heated filtered tank with one VT male currently. With a divider I think I can have another betta.
Though I have a long history with fish, I am pretty new with betta (He is my wife's impulsive buy). So you can put me in the backup list. I will be gladly take one in if no one picks them up by the deadline.
I'm in San Mateo, and I prefer to do local pick up and can drive to a place within reason but if worse comes to worse, I can ship them. I had one person express interest for Adam and one for Thai but nothing is confirmed yet. Will let you know by Friday :/
I am in San Jose. It's totally fine for me to drive up to San Mateo.

I'm in San Mateo, and I prefer to do local pick up and can drive to a place within reason but if worse comes to worse, I can ship them. I had one person express interest for Adam and one for Thai but nothing is confirmed yet. Will let you know by Friday :/
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